Archived: 2012 Tour de France Week 1 Power Analysis


The Prologue – Liége 6.4km

Chris Anker Sørensen (Team Saxo Tinkoff)

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388 W Average Power / 6.1 W/Kg / 101 RPM Average Cadence

  • The start and 3 technical corners most likely are where the 4 power surges ocurred.
  • Excellent example of VI at 1.0. His average and normalized power are the same. 388 watts indicates a very constant effort.


Stage 1 – Liége to Seraing 198km

Simon Gerrans (Orica GreenEdge)

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240 TSS / 173 Average Power / 241 Normalized Power / 3430 Kj

  • NP 241, 173 avg watts for entire stage. Indicates a highly variable ride due to the increased difficulty of the second half of the stage.
  • Gerrans burned 3430 kjs during Stage 1- that’s essentially equivalent to the number of kCals burned. In other words, Gerrans used up ~1.5x what most people consume in a day!
  • Typical of a flat sprint stage, Gerrans’ Peak Power values were all set in the 2nd half of the stage. Peak 5-minute Power occurred in the sprint finish, where Gerrans put out 442W (6.6w/kg) battling for top position. He finished 13th overall.


Stage 2 – Visé to Tarnai 207.5km

Daryl Impey (Team Orica GreenEdge)

See Daryl’s full file here. 

221 TSS / 201 Average Power / 283 Normalized Power

  • Impey made a huge effort in the final 10km where he set his Peak 6 minumte power at 460 watt to keep Matthew Goss well positioned for the spring.
  • His Max Power of the race was seen in the final leadout at 1388 watts.
  • Impey maxed out at 1284 watts during the leadout at the intermediate sprint won by teammate Matthew Goss


Stage 3 – Orchies to Boulogne-sur-Mer 197km

Janez Brajkovic (Team Astana)

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566 Peak 1 min. Power / 376 Peak 20 min. Power / 307 Peak 60 min. Power

  • Most of Brajkovic’s peak power values for the entire Tour were set on today’s stage.
  • The stage finished on a short uphill where Brakjovic maxed out at 807 watts.
  • He was involved in a small crash near 80km and appears to have changed his bike for about 13 minutes before getting back on his main bike.
  • His peak 5 minute power was set on the second to last climb and was a 398 watt effort.
  • The final 2 hours were raced at a 320 watt Normalized Power.


Stage 4 – Abbeville to Rouen 214.5km

Greg Henderson (Team Lotto Belisol)

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292 TSS / 188 Average Power / 257 Normalized Power / 3407 Kj

  • Andre Greipel wins Stage 4 in Rouen after a perfect leadout from teammate Greg Henderson.
  • Henderson’s last 17 second sprint averaged 893 watts and maxed out at 1150 watts.
  • His last one minute power averaged 663 watts.


Stage 5 – Rouen to Saint-Quentin 196.5km

Bernhard Eisel (Team Sky)

See Eisel’s full power file here.

211 TSS / 204 Average Power / 234 Normalized Power / 2792Kj

  • The 1 minute Peak Power for the stage was the intermediate sprint where Eisel was leading out teammate Mark Cavendish.
  • His peak 2 minute power occured in the final lead for Cavendish when Eisel put out 559 average watts and 1065 max watts.
  • This is a classic TdF stage “shape” from the power perspective. The race gets faster and faster throughout and comes to a head with a crescendo in the last 30 minutes.


Stage 6 – Épernay to Metz – 207.5km

Bernhard Eisel (Team Sky)

See Eisel’s full power file here. 

278 TSS / 248 Average Power / 316 Normalized Power / 4291Kj

  • The data shows that the plan was to set up Cavendish for a sprint win. However, it was a crash marred stage that left him out of contention.
  • First half vs. second half comparison: 1st 1/2 – 110 TSS, 225 AP, 282 NP and 38.3km/h ave speed. 2nd 1/2 – 162 TSS, 271 AP, 341 NP 47.9km/h ave speed.
  • With Cavendish caught up in crashes Eisel had some leeway to ride for himself on this stage. In yesterday’s stage Eisel’s Peak 30 second power was 844 watts when leading out Cavendish. Today, he only manages 796 watts. Eisel is the perfect leadout man since he rides harder for Cavendish to win that for himself!