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The best coaches require the right tools to set athlete schedules, analyze workout data, find new clients and encourage their athletes to reach their goals. With TrainingPeaks you can do all of these things and more, all in one place.

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"From creating individualized plans and reviewing client data, to designing pre-built programs and plans for specific events, TrainingPeaks has met all of my expectations and allows me to engage in quality interaction with my clients." –Karen Buxton USAT Level III coach.

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Design and sell training plans to generate more income. Delivered on our web and mobile platform, your training plans will guide every level of athlete to success for any type of event.

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Our Coach Match Service connects you with triathletes looking for a coach. All TrainingPeaks Certified Coaches are eligible to participate and TrainingPeaks will help you build your business.

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Triathlon Training Articles

Find the latest training, coaching, racing, and nutrition articles from leading experts and coaches in the sport of triathlon. The TrainingPeaks Blog – scientific knowledge meets practical advice.

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