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Am I on track for reaching my marathon goal so far?
#1 Posted : Sunday, January 22, 2012 12:38:50 PM(UTC)
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Hello-I’m using Joe Friel’s 3:45 time marathon plan. Just finished week # 6 of 12 weeks. Background info: I’m 51 yo female. This is my 4th marathon and I want to BQ—must run < 4 hours; my goal is 3:45 to be safe. Previous marathon times few years back were 3:49; 4:01 (hot day, tough course) & 3:47. Also last year I ran 4:15 at end of an IM. Today, my long run directions were: 2 hr 30’ long run, tempo finish. The first 90 minutes of this run is a long warm-up at heart rate 1-2 zones. The last 60 minutes is steady at 8:23-8:28/mile.
Results on Garmin: 1st 90 minutes: ~ 10 miles; 9:05 average pace; HR avg of 134. Last hour of tempo finish: 8:31 avg. pace & HR avg of 148 ( max of 160). There were 2-3 brief stops to get water or use bathroom & I turned off Garmin then.
My questions: 1. Am I on track for reaching my marathon goal so far based on the above as well as the fact that I've followed each workout pretty closely? 2. Is this supposed to get easier? I do 4 more of these long tempo finish runs. I was pretty tired & didn’t feel like finishing the final 10 minutes. Maybe I went a bit too fast 1st 1.5 hours? Having a lot of self doubt, aging/slowing down, & about how I will be able to run this pace for ~ 16 miles.
3. Are the prescribed workout times in these plans allowing for 1-2 bathroom breaks & short walks for refueling?
Thanks for your help!
J Vicario
#2 Posted : Monday, January 23, 2012 1:06:49 PM(UTC)

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A 3:45 marathon time would require an avg pace of 8:37min/mi. These type runs are specifically meant to introduce some acute fatigue into your legs in the first part of the run and the tempo finish makes you run fast on tired legs. It will increase your aerobic stamina as well as teach patience which you will need on race day.

Feel free to email me directly at jvicario@trainingbible.com if you would like me to review your data file from this workout.
Jeff Vicario
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