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How much should I be eating? And what?
#1 Posted : Wednesday, December 21, 2011 7:43:34 PM(UTC)
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First time posting here. I am a duathlete and I am going to running the national duathlon championships in April. I am starting to ramp up on training and I am trying to eat more as I had been eating around 1,600 cals and have been told that is way too few.

Any thoughts on that? How many should I be eating?

I am 5' 7", female, I weigh about 133. I do CrossFit style strength training, mixing cardio, strength abs etc. usually 20-40 min a day.
I then run and/or bike (inside right now, I am in Northern MN) for at 45 - 1:30 at least once a day and at least one day of both running and riding (just started implementing that).

Any input?
#2 Posted : Thursday, December 22, 2011 9:07:02 AM(UTC)

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Hello OJazzy1, thank you for your question. In order for an athlete to be sure he/she is eating 'Right' (and not just eating healthy), it goes far beyond total calories. Total calories are only a small piece to the puzzle of eating right. We have to focus on the proper eating frequency, the proper timing of our meals/snacks, the proper balance of each meal/snack in terms of carbohydrates/protein/fat, the proper water intake, the proper fuel before/during/after training, etc. Once the right nutrition plan is in place, we then want to monitor our body composition (fat% and water%) and performance and recovery to ensure our body is being properly fueled.

Feel free to contact me and we can discuss your needs and goals in more detail and talk about some options (such as published meal plans on Training Peaks) in order to get you on the right track nutritionally; my contact information is below.

Dr. Rick Kattouf II
TeamKattouf Nutrition Supplements, http://www.amazon.com/s/...kattouf&x=0&y=0
Host of Rx Nutrition, http://teamkattouf.com/rxnutrition.html
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