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Honolulu Century Ride 2011
#1 Posted : Tuesday, October 04, 2011 8:42:38 PM(UTC)

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September 25th was the Honolulu Century Ride. I have ridden the full 100 miles a half dozen times but never really trained for it, and in recent years I rode with my wife, who could only do 50 miles. I always approached it as a fun ride, a cycling social event.

A few years ago I fell on wet pavement and much to everyone's surprise, broke my left femur. It was a clean break and healed quickly, but my recovery was lopsided due to so much bike riding. Eventually I turned to a sports theripist to help straighten me out, and a bit later I found a wonderful yoga teacher. I have made a lot of progress, but my left side still has problems.

Last Christmas I gave myself a Timex Race Trainer HRM. That got me started on Training Peaks. I had a lot to learn. I had already been logging rides on MapMyRide and was using their Android phone app to log routes. I investigated most of the Android GPS apps and settled of Google's MyTracks for adding route data to Training Peaks. Little by little I began to learn the TP approach to training. The improvements in my leg led me to get started running, to balance out my muscle development. Eventually I tired of having to flip between the two different data displays (HRM and GPS) and my phone's limited battery life, so after a lot of shopping I decided to purchase a Garmin Edge 800, with cadence and HRM. Despite everything I read about the 800, it surpassed my expectations. Extremely well thought out. I still use the watch for running.

During the summer my wife injured her foot. Apparently the damage was to connective tissue because it has been slow to heal. When it became apparent she would not be ready for the Century Ride I decided to step up my training and prepare for a full 100 miles. A bit late, but I was already in pretty good shape.

Thanks to my Garmin I was able to keep close tabs on my HR as I rode. The plan I settled on was to try to maintain 145BPM as much as possible, and fall back to 135 when needed. I budgeted a little rest and gossip time at the aide stations, and came up with a ride plan of eight hours, by the clock. As it turned out I got stuck in traffic quite a bit (cars on my left, a pack of slow bikes in front), and I spent longer than planned at the aide stations waiting in line for the bathroom or just kibitzing with friends. I ended up with a nine hour twenty minute day, but I felt terrific the whole way.

Earlier this year I has major seat problems. A new seat, plus increased use of chamois cream made the difference, no problems on this ride. I still think I sit skewed and am considering a professional bike fitting.

I did notice some stiffness in my left side during the week leading up to the ride, and on ride day, after about mile seventy, I felt my left shoulder hurting a bit. Hands and arms were fine.

I drove to work on Monday because I had scheduled a post-ride massage for Monday after work. The only tender places were my hamstrings and calves. On Tuesday my left shoulder was sore again, but I rode to work, ran and did yoga in the afternoon. After yoga my shoulder was too sore to ride. I stayed off the bike for the rest of the week, ran a little, and skipped yoga, all the while with a painful shoulder. The next Monday (yesterday) was my regularly scheduled massage, and we worked exclusively on the shoulder. Turns out I have a touch of tendonitis and muscles that refuse to unlock, so I will be getting acupuncture on Friday.

My experience this summer has been so satisfying that despite this little setback I have set myself the goal of running the Honolulu Marathon next year (first time), and getting back to swimming for a shot at a triathlon or two, next year or the following. I know it sounds crazy to live in Hawaii and not swim; the issue has been my extremely poor eyesight. I hope to solve that with corrective goggles. If fact, I was so inspired by my accomplishments that I signed on to Training Peaks as a full fledged member.

My goal is not to beat anyone. I just want to have a great time. For rides like the Century Ride that includes talking to old friends and folks from out of town. I had a great chat with a Japanese guy using a Sony smartphone and MyTracks, even though my Japanese is practically non-existent. I want guests to feel welcome. If all I do is ride fast, that won't happen. I train enough so that the last twenty miles are not a death march, and this year I did very well. Next year I want to finish in under six hours, but not at the exclusion of all incidental personal interaction. I hope I can find a balance.
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