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Exercise causing diabetes
#1 Posted : Friday, September 23, 2011 9:53:13 PM(UTC)
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The blog about the Top 10 Reasons Exercise Is Bad For You caught my attention. Particularly point number 6 about the fact that exercise can cause diabetes.

I eat and burn about 3000 calories a day and 55% to 65% of that is carbohydrates. Though I try to always eat low glycemic index carbs, and eat them regularly throughout the day, I do feel like I eat a lot of carbs. So here is my question; Does diabetes develops mostly because of insulin peaks (sudden overdose of sugar) or can it be cause also because of constant carbohydrate “overdose” (eating more carbohydrates then needed but without sporadic peaks)?

#2 Posted : Saturday, September 24, 2011 10:25:01 AM(UTC)

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Hello mtbrider, thank you for your post.

Type 2 diabetes develops due to a problem with how the body produces or utilizes insulin. Cliff notes version...when we eat, our blood sugar increases. Insulin is then produced to help pull this glucose into the cells. If we have too little insulin produced or if our cells become resistant to the insulin produced, the glucose builds up in the bloodstream (this can be problematic, resulting in hyperglycemia). Risk factors for type 2 diabetes include things such as being overweight, excess abdominal fat, hypertension, being inactive, family history of diabetes, etc.

In terms of the information you provided...if you consume approximately 55% carbohydrates, this most likely means that your fat and protein intake is approximately 15-30% each. Each individuals macro nutrient balance needs differs, but in general, this is very similar to the balance I discuss in Rx Nutrition. Macro nutrient balance is only one factor to look at in terms of 'eating right.' We also have to examine our eating frequency, nutrient timing and our total caloric intake.

Thanks mtbrider!

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