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creatine powder
#1 Posted : Saturday, December 17, 2011 11:44:41 AM(UTC)
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hii all...i never used any suppliments beside whey protein..but want to try few..is creatine powders good fr using nd fr improvement...coz somewhere i read that it has side effects too!!...ive also heard about NOexplode pre workout drink...anyone ever used it??
#2 Posted : Saturday, December 17, 2011 9:13:32 PM(UTC)

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Not sure long term effects have been studied .........
Watch leg cramping on bike.
Drink extra water.
Not a big fan of consuming supplements such as these (for admittedly no real personal reason).
#3 Posted : Monday, December 19, 2011 10:23:32 AM(UTC)

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Hello MaunB, thank you for your post. The majority of the research on creatine has been done in the 'strength & power' arena, and very little in the endurance world (a good internet search will provide you with a lot of good information). When it comes to sports nutrition supplements, I encourage athletes not to draw a line in the sand when it comes to supplements. For example, “these supplements are ONLY for strength and power athletes” and, “these supplements are ONLY for endurance athletes.” Nutrition supplements can have a lot of great crossover. Supplements targeted towards endurance athletes can also be extremely beneficial for strength and power athletes and vice versa.

I have never used NOXplode, but I have used similar formulas where the supplement contains a Nitric Oxide Stimulator (for example, L-arginine), creatine & caffeine. Many endurance athletes such as swimmers, runners, triathletes, etc. have used such supplements with great success; while other endurance athletes have not found them to be beneficial (to have a split in opinions like this is not groundbreaking of course. You can look at any supplements from a multivitamin, fluid replacement drink, protein powder, etc., and there is a very good chance that the poll of public opinion will be split, which is normal and expected).

In summary, what may be beneficial for one person may not be for another in terms of sports nutrition supplements. My suggestion would be to use a sports nutrition supplement as directed for a minimum of 4 weeks; that way, you can determine for yourself whether it proved to be beneficial.

If you have more specific questions on which supplements are best for your specific needs and goals, feel free to contact me and we can discuss in detail. My contact information is below.

Dr. Rick Kattouf II
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#4 Posted : Monday, January 02, 2012 5:59:00 PM(UTC)

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Great info here.

Creatine can have some side effects and impact on hydration. Great for strength building as most sports med studies show increase in lean body mass of a few %.

Need to balance benefits of added strength with the weight that goes along with increased muscle mass. I use creatine mostly during winter (off) months when I am forced to do a variety of other cross training activities (X-C skiing, skating, weight training, etc) depending on the weather.

There are a variety of ways to take creatine supplements. Some advocate a specific load then followed by a maintenance daily intake, other studies show similar benefits with smaller loads or no load at all. As mentioned by Dr. Rick, every athlete's body and system is different and may respond differently than another peer of the same age/build, etc.

Overall, in my experience creatine has some definite benefits and very little documented downsides. This taking into consideration your overall goals.


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